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What is a Christian college for, anyway?


Whether you’re about to begin your journey at a Christian college or you’ve already embarked, this is a vital question. And you have probably been told the answer a hundred times. “College is to get a good job or to gather a bunch of facts—all within the nurturing confines of a Christian community.” 


In Learning to Love, Alex Sosler deepens, widens, and magnifies a vision for higher education. Rather than education for career training or the collection of facts, Sosler inspires a greater hope for education—namely one oriented toward the love of God and neighbor. This expansive vision re-imagines an education worth pursuing.

Learning to Love is perfect for students preparing for Christian higher education and those on the journey. While written with the student in mind, Sosler’s consideration of the purpose of Christian higher education is also great for faculty, staff, and administration.

Learning to Love: Christian Higher Education as Pilgrimage

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